Paint Overspray Removal of Texas ” how to restore auto trim & molding Pieces

 2012 Chevy door trim before custom packageDSC09752 Our mobile crews can be dispatched anywhere nationwide within 24 hours of accepting the claim.  We’re a Houston  Texas based company that has repaired thousands of vehicles managing claims all over the USA.  We specialize in the removal of industrial paint overspray from vehicles such as Protective & Marine Coatings and all grades of Polyurethane spray foam insulation.  We are unlike any other company in the world, and  have the most web presence than other company in the overspray removal business.  One of the reasons for this is our videos.  Thanks to Google and others that are streaming them all over the world.  None of our work has ever been duplicated by another company or individual.  I am are very proud of that fact.  I never hide any of my cleaning methods from my customers, and everyone is always more than welcome to observe our work at any job location.

I believe that every piece of a vehicle should be repaired from all damages, this would include the trim & moldings “textured or smooth”.  We are the only company in the world that repairs every piece of the vehicle, and has the videos to prove it.  My custom Chevy door molding and wiper arm package is just one of my many methods of totally restoring your vehicle to a much better condition then before damaged ever occurred.  You can search all over the internet and not find any listings for the kind of auto trim repairs as demonstrated in my videos.  This package not only gives your ride a really nice custom look without repainting, it also extends the life span of these parts. When you see the results of this process done on a vehicle, it will blow your mind.

This cannot be done with a foam pad, you have to use a wool pad.  You can use the polish of your choice to do this, no compounds can be used in this process. You first take a micro towel and polish the parts by hand to help brake thru the first layer of the piece. Be very careful when you are buffing the door trim or you will burn it. If done correctly you will actually change the texture of these parts from flat and dry to smooth and shiny. Simply wax these parts like the rest of the vehicle and they will look as good as the day you polished them. I have done over 500 hundred of these packages all over the United States when managing paint overspray removal projects. Great way to give your customers something they can’t get just anywhere.  We have the lowest prices and the most experienced technicians on the planet.  There is also a 100% guarantee on all work, with video documentation of all work performed on your vehicle.

Here are some of the many locations we have served with our nationwide mobile services.  Atlanta, Augusta, Buckhead, Columbus, Georgia, Spring Field Illinois, Fort Wayne Indiana, Indianapolis, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Mobile, Montgomery, Huntsville, Alabama, St Louis Missouri, Kansas City Missouri, Houston, Dallas, Arlinton,Lubbock, Amarillo, Austin, San Antonio, El Paso, Denton, Amarillo, Texas, Tallahassee, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Sarasota, Florida, Tulsa Oklahoma, Little Rock Arkansas, Nashville, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Raleigh North Carolina, Columbia South Caroline, Sioux Falls South Dakota, Frankfort, Louisville, Lexington, Kentucky, Topeka Kansas, Denver Colorado, Salt Lake City Utah, Iowa Cedar Rapids, Jackson Mississippi, Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Minnesota, Lansing, Grand Rapid, Michigan, Ann Arbor, Detroit, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Richmond Virginia, Baltimore, Maryland, Los Angeles, Long Beach Sacramento, San Bernardino, Pasadena, San Diego, California, Phoenix Arizona, Las Vegas Nevada, Albuquerque New Mexico, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, Dayton, Columbus, Ohio, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Louisiana, Anchorage Alaska.  No where is off Limits for us ! 


About Jeff Suggs Overspray Removal Expert

My name is Jeff Suggs and am the owner & operator of Paint Overspray Removal International Services of Texas. I specialize in the removal of Protective & Marine Coatings and industrial grade Polyurethane spray foam insulation in the form of overspray damage to vehicles. I have over 23 years of hands on experience in overspray removal and claims management. I am the only person in the world that has demonstration videos of repairs done to vehicles from the products listed above. I also invented several methods to remove overspray from auto paint, glass, trim, and moldings. No one has ever duplicated my custom work, and I proudly post that comment all over the internet. I am very easy to find on the internet, simply Google Yahoo of Bing "paint overspray removal companies" . You will find my Wordpress blogs, company website, videos and more on the first page.
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